Rome is always a food idea!

A small piece of Rome to be found around the world, for everyone who misses Italy.

That’s why Osteria Romana concept celebrates the Italian “La Dolce Vita”, offering a lively and timeless atmosphere where it is possible to rediscover traditional flavors of the typical dishes of central Italy.

The raw materials – vegetables, meat, fish - are all Made in Italy and come directly from Rome, in order to ensure the utmost fidelity to the culinary tradition and a truly authentic dining experience.

The main courses of the roman tradition are the real strenght of the restaurant, with particular attention to two great classics of Italian cuisine, “spaghetti alla carbonara” and “bucatini all'amatriciana”, served in terracotta pans and pots. Ending the day in an Italian Osteria, after a hectic day at work in town, makes you feel like at home. 

The first Osteria Romana restaurant was opened in London in the charming Neighboorhood of Knightsbridge: