Share your food, spread your joy!

An innovative concept, an engaging and multisensory dining and entertainment experience always accompanied by the right musical mood from the aperitif to the after dinner.  

At Shima Lounge you will enjoy our Nikkei style born from the fusion of distant cultures skillfully and harmoniously combined by the cosmopolitan Chef Koyi Murrieta Tanabe: Peru, with its strong flavors and the intensity of the spices, and Japan, with its proverbial delicate combinations. The result is a real culinary métissage with international scope, which involves the use of the best raw materials from these countries, combined with some typical rituals that allow you to fully experience this fascinating creative contamination.

Even our concept of mixology has a fusion style, coming up from a detailed research that lead to the creation of a drink list where each cocktail, spirit and beer is paired with the aperitif menu, dinner or during live sets.

Aiming to better meet every guest’s taste, besides the international Classics, our professional Barmen will surprise you with Signature Cocktails especially created with high-level processing and mixing techniques using alternative ingredients coming from Asia and South America.

Great attention has been paid to wines and spirits, offering niche products coming from different parts of the world, with an eye towards Japan, with its whiskey and sake and towards Peru, with its many variations of Pisco.

You can find the first Shima Lounge at Mine & Yours Members Club | Lecce: