A new way to conceive luxury and lifestyle.

Mine & Yours Group is an italian company specialized in design and management of facilities, restaurants and customized services in the luxury industry.

Our team creates and runs Members Clubs, Restaurants, Boutique Hotels and Wellness Centers all over the world with an innovative approach that can define new standards in these business sectors.

The challenge is to create always original and culturally authentic projects characterized by an outstanding level of customization and attention to details, in order to make our guests live memorable experiences in every occasion.

The business idea was born assuming that often the hospitality and reception related services fail to meet the high expectations of a very demanding clientele and that needs particular attentions.

Mine & Yours Group founders are personally consumers of the services in this specific industry. That is why they develop new projects rethinking the traditional business processes, to bring them to absolute excellence standards.


To develop concepts in the luxury industry that can offer memorable experiences, ensuring excellence as a benchmark and a high-level of customization of all services.


Be the reference point of a global community of women and men that share the passion for luxury and lifestyle and see in Mine & Yours the ideal partner to ask for customised services wherever they are.


Every guest should leave our facilities wishing to come back. This can only happen because our employees and partners are the first Brand Ambassador of our company and with them we share a set of values:

  • PROFESSIONALISM: we are always trained and formed on what we do
  • CREATIVITY: we love inventing the future
  • SOCIALITY: the human relationship is at the first place for us
  • METICULOUSNESS: excellence comes from the details