Is it possible to access Mine & Yours Members Club Lecce?

Of course, the entrance is open and everyone can access the Club’s services (restaurants, lounge bar, barber, suites) subject to availability and after booking through MY Concierge channels (phone, Whatsapp, mail)

What advantages do I have by obtaining the Membership 2022?
By filling out the registration form you will have the opportunity to be constantly informed about the Club’s activities in Lecce and the other facilities of the Group through our main communication tools.
The Membership furthermore allows you to obtain benefits and/or concessions for all the facilities of Mine & Yours Group currently open and for those in opening process. 
For the booking please contact MY Concierge and consider that benefits and concessions depend on the type of service requested and may vary according to the chosen facility.

Is a membership contribution due to pay?
The membership is free of charge.

How can I contact MY Concierge?
MY Concierge is available at the following addresses: concierge@mineandyoursgroup.com | +39 0832 1563841 | +39 344 2743578

I joined the Members Club in 2021. Do I have to submit the request again?
You don’t need to submit the request again: if you have authorized the processing of your personal data to receive communications you will automatically be in the 2022 Members list.

How do I complete the 2022 Membership procedure? Is a card issued?
Starting from October 2021 no phisical card will be issued; You can join the Members Club by scanning a QR code that you will find at the Club or by request at MY Concierge who will proceed with sending the Membership form via email or WhatsApp.