Experiences inspired by landscape and culture

Each Mine & Yours structure is studied in detail, in order to add value to its unicity and to make it an exclusive place.

Locations are designed by international stardom architects with the aim to be functioning spaces and to guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience.
Construction materials are mostly locally sourced so as to maintain the bond between the tradition and the culture of the place within the concept is realized and to make our guests live the atmosphere of the destination they are guests in.

Our goal is to reinvent radically the category of “Luxury Accommodation” catching the spirit of our times and of a clientele more and more sophisticated that mainly appreciates originality, authentic design and the continuous pursuit for excellence.

Our guests do not accept the “hotel chain” idea with a standard format; they want genuineness and personality. They await for an impeccable and modern service at the same time, not excessively formal and suited to their specific needs as much as possible.

Therefore, our accommodation are intentionally small-sized: a key-factor for us, because our purpose is to guarantee privacy, attention to detail and a personalized experience for each guest.

Mine & Yours Group considers as essentially important the context within realize new projects in the hospitality branch.

Thanks to our hospitality philosophy, it becomes simpler to realize new projects in the most exclusive neighborhoods of the world, strategic points for their easy access to a range of services such as public transports or main attractions, or in suburban areas high standing for their landscapes.

Hence, the challenge is to propose a different and culturally authentic design for each structure, with a high-personalized level, guaranteeing at once our excellent qualitative standards.

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