Mine & Yours Group opens a new Shima Lounge restaurant at Li Neuli Country Club on July 9th, 2020.

The italian company brings peruvian-Nikkei cuisine back to Porto Cervo, where the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub are the backdrop for a gastronomic experience with Japanese and Peruvian flavors.

The fusion restaurant offers unexpected combinations and spicy flavors thanks to the many Peruvian-Nikkei specialties, Sushi and Pisco and Sake based Cocktails; a culinary and entertainment experience that starts from the aperitif and extends until after dinner. The atmosphere of the Country Club is lively and dynamic, ideal for spending an evening with friends and enjoying an international atmosphere in the green heart of the Costa Smeralda.

Shima Lounge is a daily meeting place where you can rediscover the pleasure of sharing food, a fusion of cultures at the antipodes, expertly and harmoniously combined: Peru, with its strong flavors and intense spices, and Japan, with its proverbial delicacy in combinations.

It was the year 1868 when a social revolution, which allowed the opening of Japanese borders after centuries of total closure, brought the world to Japan, but above all Japan and its cuisine, to the world. This led to a series of contaminations that we still experience on a daily basis, not only in literature and cinema, but also in cuisine. In particular, in Peru the Japanese have focused on cooking fish, improving the methods of preparing traditional dishes, such as ceviche, and also introducing new ways of preparing fish.

For further information:
Li Neuli Contry Club
Phone: +39 348 258 8840

    Press Office    |         29 / 06 / 2020