From the sea to the City!

Santo Mare is a real temple of fish.

A tipical Italian concept of fish market integrated into a restaurant, where the absolute protagonist is the open-plan fish counter, where our guests can select the fish they wish to taste and the preferred cooking method: pan-sautéed, baked in oven, fried or grilled.

A really original and authentic way to show the freshness and the qualitative excellence of our raw materials, which represent the starting point for the realization of all our culinary specialties.

Therefore, our restaurant proposal offers the opportunity to live a little of that characteristic ambiance of the small Italian seaside villages even in the heart of a large city. Every detail, from the service to the wine list, has been expertly contextualized to address a metropolitan and demanding clientele, but without excessive formalities.

As well as all Mine & Yours proposals, the Music Bar, with its sophisticated selection of vintage and contemporary cocktails, plays a key role to guarantee a sparkling and convivial atmosphere and an experience every time different.

The first Santo Mare restaurant was born in London, in George St. 89.